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On holiday with the leased vehicle

Are you going on holiday or do you have to go abroad for your work? Then you can simply set off with your lease car.

Free vacation check

Before you go on holiday, you can take your leased vehicle an official authorised dealer for a free 10-point check. This includes things like tyre tread, tyre pressure, oil level, coolant, brakes and battery.

The official authorised dealer is aware of the agreements with Alphabet, so you can make an appointment for a free 10-point check directly with your dealer.

Green card

Most European countries require drivers to display a valid ‘green card,’ so make sure you check well in advance of your trip whether you have one. Germany, Poland and Spain require a green card for trailers weighing more than 750 kilograms. If your car is insured at Alphabet, you can request the green card from Insurance & Accident Management by calling +31 (0) 76 579 32 40.

Alphabet Assistance

Car accidents are always a stressful experience, especially when they happen abroad. Wherever you are, Alphabet Assistance can provide you 24/7 useful tips right away to help you sort out practical issues. Save Alphabet Assistance's telephone number +31 (76) 571 17 11 on your phone.

Replacement car
If this has been agreed in the contract with your employer, you can use a replacement car both within the Netherlands and abroad.