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Full Operational Lease

Full Operational Lease means your contract will include a fixed monthly fee that covers all the costs involved with using a lease car. Below is an explanation of the costs of using a lease car.

Which costs are included in a Full Operational Lease contract from Alphabet?

  • Interest and depreciation
  • Maintenance costs
  • Repair costs
  • Damage
  • Third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • Roadside assistance for breakdown or damage in the Netherlands or abroad

Advantages of operating lease

This type of leasing has clear advantages. Besides having a fixed monthly fee, you can lease a car without having to make a large financial investment yourself. As Alphabet takes care of financing and is the owner of the car, your lease vehicle is off balance – you can utilise your liquidity position to benefit your business. Alphabet has economic and legal ownership of the lease car, so there are no risks for you connected with the sale of the lease car at the end of the lease contract. Alphabet also takes on all of the residual risk liability.

Main advantages:

  • Convenience of a full-service contract
  • Fixed monthly fee (no unexpected costs)
  • No investment required
  • Off balance
  • No residual risk liability