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Proces French fines

Have you received a fine from France? Do not pay this immediately! The handling and processing of a French ticket is different from what you are used to in the Netherlands. So we have wrote down the proces for you.

Visit the website of the National agency for automated offence processing; You can display this page in English, to do this click on the English flag at the top right.

  • Step 1:  Choose the option; Designating and appealing
  • Step 2: Next, click the designate or appeal online button

You will then be taken to a new web page, where you will find the form below:

  • Step 3: enter the notice number, which you can find in the attachment of the fine.
  • Step 4: enter the name of the legal representative, written in capital letters (copy this literally from the fine).
  • Step 5: use the date of the notice. (Not the date of the letter).
  • Step 6: enter the license plate of the lease car.

After you have completed the previous steps, you can log in on the webpage.

  • Step 7: Press the button; designate or appeal online

The image below shows a new number of steps that you must complete. To guide you through we give a brief description of each step below.

1. Pick the applicable situation

  • Choose the second option; I had lent my vehicle
  • Read closely which documents are necessary and continue to step 2

2. Your personal information

  • For identity choose company and as a company name enter Alphabet Nederland B.V. and choose continue
  • The correspondence address has already been prefilled (don't change this), choose continue
  • Continue to step 3. (You can leave the fields of the driving license empty)

3. Additional information

  • Enter your personal details and click continue
  • Enter the requested information and click continue
  • Again, enter some additional information and continue to step 4

4. Completion

  • Add the document you have received as an attachment with the fine. Don't forget to upload this.
  • A copy of your drivings licence is optional. (To speed things our advice is to add a copy). Continue to step 5

5. Add supporting documents

  • Leave your email address and continue to step 6

6. Confirmation

  • Check if everything is filled-out correctly and complete it.

Have you completed all the steps above and confirmed the information to the French government? Then they will inform you by e-mail about the next steps for paying the fine.