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Drop off lease car

When you plan to return your leased vehicle, please inform Alphabet by telephone or e-mail where you are going to drop off the car: at the dealer or at a collection point.


Report any damage up front

You should return the car in good condition (i.e. clean inside and out) and report any damage to Alphabet before dropping off the car.

For the selection of the drop off address, please remember that there is a difference between returning the leased vehicle to the authorised dealer.

Authorised dealer

When you return the car to the authorised dealer, you only agree with the dealer about the transfer, date and kilometres and not for the condition of the car. You use the submission form for this.

Alphabet then transports the car to a central location in Breda, where the vehicle will be collected and its condition determined.

Collection point 

At the end of the lease contract, you may also return the leased vehicle to a collection point. The collection procedure at the collection points gives you the opportunity to agree on the condition of the returned car. You use the collection form, in duplicate, for this.

We always advise you to make an appointment with the collection point in advance.

Damage intake

In preparation and for information purposes, you can download our intake protocol (only available in Dutch) so that you are aware what types damage (if any) are considered as user damage and which are not (user damage is not subsequently charged extra).

More information about whether or not to report damage to your leased vehicle.

Please return your car in accordance with the General terms and conditions with the following:

  • One completed and signed collection form (the other is for your records);
  • Vehicle registration certificate;
  • Original and spare keys (including key codes);
  • Any security codes for the immobiliser;
  • Audio/service and instruction manual/warning triangle/mats, etc.;
  • Fuel card cut in half (MTC/Shell Card).

Do not forget to remove your personal belongings from the car!

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