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Damage to the car can happen to anyone. But prompt handling limits the unpleasant consequences. Always report damage to Alphabet within 24 hours so that we can arrange the repair immediately. You may be charged for damage that is not reported to Alphabet.

Damage can be reported directly online via


When to report damage

Alphabet’s welcome pack which comes with your leased vehicle also contains a Damage check card. This allows you to easily assess whether or not damage should be reported. You must always report scratches longer than 8 cm (the length of a credit card) and dents bigger than 3 cm to Alphabet.

Minor damage and windscreen repair

Your dealer can immediately repair minor damage such as a lost hubcap, a smashed headlight or cracked wing mirror. You can also combine such repairs with a service, for example. This also saves you valuable time. If you are insured with Alphabet, you can also have windscreen repairs carried out by the dealer.

For repairs or replacement of your car window, you can always contact a glass specialist immediately by calling our service number +31 (0)76 579 38 00.