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Car sharing

Driving from A to B makes up only a fraction of a car's usage – most of the time it’s standing in the car park, waiting for the next driver. In that time, it could have been used to meet an employee's business mobility needs. Having several people share a company car is a great way to start getting more efficient and responsible when it comes to mobility. What's more, this approach can result in significant cost savings and help you reduce your CO2 emissions.


AlphaCity is Alphabet's online booking platform that makes sharing company cars between employees much easier. Employees can reserve a car in AlphaCity at any time, but you decide who can book when and under what conditions. Employees who use AlphaCity don't have to claim for mileage, day rental or taxi fares. As the entire system is automated, you don't need to waste time registering keys or doing paperwork.

AlphaCity: the easy solution

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