Tyre switch

When and where can I order my winter tyres?

If your contract includes winter tyres, please make sure to switch to winter tyres at least in October by making an appointment with one of our tyre centers in September. At the beginning of April, you will receive an invititation to switch back to summer tyres if the weather conditions allow to ride with summer tyres. Each September, you will receive an invitation by a tyre fitting centre in your region to have your tyres swapped. In early April, you will get another invitation to switch back to summer tyres.

Why should I switch to winter tyres?

Winter tyres significantly increase the motorist’s safety during the cold winter months, amongst other things ensuring improved grip and reduced aquaplaning. Since october 2012, winter tyres are mandatory in Luxemburg during winter conditions (snow, ice, frost), with a penalty of 74 €.

Am I allowed to choose my tyre brand myself?

Alphabet has selected a series of tyre brands for its drivers. These are excellent quality brands that ensure the safety of the driver.

How do I know if my tyres are worn out?

If the tread depth of your summer tyres is less than or equal to 2 mm, it is time to have them checked. Winter tyres have a 3 mm minimum tyre tread depth.

My tyres are worn out, where can I have them changed?

For worn out tyres, you are free to contact one of our tyre centers. Contact your fleet manager when the change occurs during the switch from winter to summer tyres.

I would like to transfer my tyres. Is this allowed?

Having your tyres transferred is not a problem. A supplement will be charged for all tyre transfers.

Winter tyres

Time for winter tyres: discover the advantages.

Tyre centers

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