• Sustainability

Sustainability: Alphabet’s plan of action

As one of Luxembourg’s top 5 leasing companies, we recognise that we have an important role to play in the protection of the environment and sensible resource management. Consequently, sustainability runs through all aspects of our business, starting with energy-saving polices in our offices, and flowing into the products and services that we bring to our customers. We deliver sustainable Business Mobility solutions by creating effective ways to avoid, reduce and compensate fleet CO2 emissions.

Firstly, our customers can avoid emissions by integrating electric vehicles into their fleets through Alphabet’s advanced eMobility solution AlphaElectric.

Secondly, we help customers reduce their fleet emissions through, for example, our car policy consultations or eco driver-training courses.

Thirdly, Alphabet customers can compensate their emissions thanks to our cooperation with carbon offset and water services provider First Climate. At a cost of approximately 1% of fuel outgoings, customers can opt to neutralise their emissions through carbon-credit certificates. The money raised funds carbon-reducing wind, water and solar projects throughout the world.

Our active measures are highly effective in lowering our customers’ fleet’s carbon impact thereby contributing to the safeguarding of the environment and enhancing your sustainability and corporate social responsibility credentials.


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