A carefree holiday with your lease car

Wherever you go on holiday, you can help to ensure safe travels by finding out what drivers need to know and keeping your vehicle well maintained. Below we give you our top tips.

1. Safety first!

Check your oil, brake fluid, anti-freeze, tyre pressure and any wear and tear on the vehicle before you set off on holiday. Check that your emergency bag is full and that the air conditioning is in order. Make sure that the engine cools down properly at high temperatures. Check also to make sure that maintenance services have been carried out properly. Obviously, there’s more to driver and passenger safety than a safe vehicle. Take a break from driving every two hours and stay alert in order to avoid danger.

2. Breakdown from A-Z

Don’t let a roadside breakdown spoil your holiday! Call us! Alphabet Assistance is ready to help you at home and abroad. Alphabet Assistance 24/7 : +352 25 00 09 4000. Note: Motorists on French motorways must use the orange emergency point first.

3. Universal emergency number: 112

Keep a note of this number to hand. For emergencies within the European Union you can dial 112 to contact the emergency services (ambulance, police, and fire service) directly.

4. Make sure you have all essential documents with you.

Before you set off, make sure that you have all the necessary vehicle documents with you and check ifthey are in order: driving licence, insurance forms, vehicle registration document, certificate of conformity, and a European accident report form are essential.


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