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Social Engagement

Alphabet supports SOS Children's Villages.

Who is SOS?

"SOS Children's Villages has been working for more than 60 years to provide vulnerable children with a home and a future. Let's say: a new start in life. We are doing this in 133 countries throughout the world. In Belgium, too." – 

SOS Kinderdorpen [Children's Villages] is an international, non-governmental social aid organisation that has been working for the needs, interests and rights of children. They are doing this in no less than 133 countries. They work in the spirit of the International Treaty on Children's Rights and support those rights worldwide.

What do they do?

SOS Children's Villages tries with various projects to ensure that every child gets the chance to grow up and build a good future for himself. Among other things, they provide a home for children who have no-one to look after them; they build schools and provide medical assistance.  

SOS Children's Villages has developed outstanding projects, both nationally and internationally, which offer children all over the world a better future. 

Want to know more? Be sure to check out the website. 

How does Alphabet support SOS Children's Villages?

Alphabet has been supporting SOS Children's Villages since 2006. Each year, various campaigns are organised to support the organisation locally and internationally. We also give clients and staff members the opportunity to offer a bit of support. This year, the Simbahuis is being entirely supported by Alphabet.