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Our eMobility concept is a full-option approach that brings a total solution for driving electric: from analysis and advice to the choice of vehicle, recharging infrastructure and supplementary services.

What is in it for you?

  • sustainable business mobility
  • save costs through reduced energy and servicing costs
  • positive corporate image
  • care-free integration

In AlphaElectric, Alphabet has set up a unique 4 step-by-step plan, thereby bringing a total solution that greatly simplifies the integration of electric cars as part of your fleet:


Is eMobility the right choice for you? What is the electric potential of your fleet?


Which vehicles are best suited to your car fleet?


Recharging solutions: convenient recharging systems – both at home and at the office


Full-option pack: A to Z management of recharge cards, helpdesk, assistance … all the way up to and including supplementary services