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Our approach

From 1 minute to 5 years

We take care of all your mobility solutions, whether your employee uses public transport via a mobility card, does car sharing, needs a short-term car for a month or has a full service leasing car for 5 years.

The challenges to your mobility are increasing. We are searching for appropriate solutions. As a leading provider for Business Mobility in Europe, we design business mobility solutions that go further than just car-fleet management and supplying company cars. In Belgium, Alphabet operates more than 50,000 vehicles and is among the top four.

Speed and flexibility are crucial to the success of your business. With this in mind, we investigate the latest new trends in mobility and - together with you - we develop products that meet your specific needs exactly.

We optimise your business mobility. 

We do this with the following basic principles:

  • We offer you expert advice: Your advantage comes from our know-how on business mobility through our lease proposals which are independent of any particular brand, our optimised order procedures and impeccable organisation of all our services relating to your car fleet. Optimising your business mobility results in time and cost savings andreduced Total Cost of Mobility.
  • We combine knowledge of the automobile industry with financial expertise to your advantage. Our mobility solutions are innovative, customised and sustainable. Our financing possibilities offer a solution for different needs. As soon as our systems come into operation, you can enjoy Alphabet's outstanding customer service, with a focus on personal, individualised communication. We offer you our constant support and can adapt your solutions to changing circumstances flexibly and quickly.
  • Make use of our international expertise and experience. We have branches in 21 countries and manage 680.000 vehicles. We combine our international vision with thorough knowledge of the local market. Our international success is consequently based on our market expertise, our regional structures and our extensive experience over many borders.