Christel Reynaerts - CEO

"It is not our ambition to be the largest player, but the best. This means that we will continue to improve our services, offer solutions to our clients and advise them concerning new mobility trends."

Joachim Haro - Director Finance & Risk

"Within a multinational environment as BMW AG, I treat risk in a sustainable way as a director Finance & Risk, which safeguards our future. We take care of a healthy balancy within the organisation between rentability and a controlled growth of the enterprise."

Erik Swerts - Director Operations

"Alphabet stands for high-standing qualitive services. As Director Operations, it is my task to realise these qualitative services every day, together with my team. That way, a carefree moblity is created for customer and driver."

Marc Vandenbergh - Director Sales & Marketing

"Together with a strong sales & marketing team,I accept every challange. I am convinced that we, as experts, have everything it takes to build a real and strong partnership with our clients. It is our role to always offer the most fitting mobility solutions and to anticipate market developments. Not only today, but also in the future we want to meet the changing needs of our customers."