How to survive a long car journey

Do long car journeys get you down? People who travel long distances regularly know that time spent in the car passes more quickly when the driver has good equipment and passengers have enough to keep themselves occupied. Here are a few tips for the road!

Do you spend ages in traffic jams or frequently travel hundreds of kilometres in the car on business trips abroad? The key is not to consider these many hours spent in the car time wasted.

  1. Use your car as a mobile office

Select a vehicle which has standard Bluetooth hands-free kit and use your smartphone's telephone conferencing function to organise a few meetings en route. In doing so, your working day will begin as soon as you sit behind the steering wheel.

  1. Increase your knowledge of music

Define your own playlist, including in it unknown extracts from your favourite musicians. Or look for new artists on Spotify and let your imagination run wild. Add a little air entertainment to the list to brighten up endless tailbacks into France or Belgium. Another great alternative: audio books!

  1. Remember to take regular breaks

Make sure that you do not fall asleep on a monotonous motorway after a few hours: stop at services regularly to stretch your legs and dose yourself up with caffeine. Very practical, insulating flasks are available and will keep coffee hot until your next stop.

  1. Make sure you keep your back seat passengers occupied

Do you travel with children? By keeping them sufficiently occupied, they will not consider your destination so far away. Let them watch the new Pixar film, invent a complicated riddle or play little games such as "Who am I?". Time flies when you’re having fun!

  1. Download the AlphaGuide, your personal mobility guide

Alphabet is a leading business mobility provider. Our AlphaGuide app provides unlimited mobility. Drive safely with AlphaGuide!

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