Fuel Management

If your company opted for the Alphabet fuel system, you have a fuel card from Shell which you can use at a great number of fuel stations of Shell in Luxembourg and abroad with a an EuroShell Card you have acces to Shell, Esso and Avia, 24/7.

All fuel cards come with a secret code.Make sure you record your odometer read-out each time you fill up. This is important to ensure the accuracy of the round-ups your company is provided with by Alphabet.

Fuel declaration

If you, due to circumstances, are unable to get to a terminal that accepts the card you have been issued with, you will need to settle up yourself. Exceptionally, Alphabet will compensate the amount if you fill in a written demand accompagnied with the orginal ticket or invoice, your license plate, your bank account numer and the private address of you, the driver.

Click here to download the Fuel Declaration Form

Loss or theft of the fuel pass

If your fuel pass gets lost or stolen, please report this immediately:

  • By fax: +352 25 00 09 300
  • By mail: info@alphabet.lu
  • Through the Shell Helpdesk at +352 31 11 41 730

Declaration form

Please send this form fully completed, along with the receipt, to Alphabet (care of the Fuel Administration department).