End of contract

Returning your lease car

Your car fleet manager will inform you as soon as the maximum number of kilometres or the planned contract duration is reached. You will then be contacted by our partner Carshine to arrange the time and place for the vehicle to be checked in.

You are expected to be present and to tender your vehicle in a clean and tidy condition including the original vehicle documents (application form, certificate of conformity, vignette tax and insurance certificate) along with all the keys. Our Car Controller will inspect the vehicle to draw up the car check-in document, that you will both sign.

Buying your lease car

Who knows your vehicle better than you? You can buy your own vehicle, either for yourself or for someone you know by demanding on offer from Alphabet, no sooner than 3 months before the end of your contract.

For a price quote for your own car, please contact us at info@alphabet.lu .