• CO2 compensation plan

Alphabet carbon compensation action plan

As one of Luxembourg’s top 5 leasing companies, we recognise that we have an important role to play in the protection of the environment and the sensible management of resources. Consequently, we want to deliver sustainable Business Mobility solutions to our customers by creating effective ways of minimising fleet CO2 emissions.

Alphabet’s goal is to avoid, reduce and compensate CO2 emissions. First off, our customers can avoid emissions by integrating electric vehicles into their fleets through Alphabet’s advanced eMobility solution AlphaElectric. Secondly, we promote the reduction of customer fleet emissions through our car policy consultations.

Now, we present the third facet of our holistic sustainability approach – carbon compensation. Thanks to a new international cooperation with First Climate – a global leader in carbon offsetting and water services – Alphabet customers have the option of offsetting their emissions through carbon-credit certificates in all markets. Money raised from the sale of the certificates will be used to fund a carbon-reduction project of the customer’s choice – be it a water, solar or wind venture.

At a cost of approximately 1% of fuel outgoings, this programme provides customers with an effective and hassle-free way of lowering their fleet’s carbon impact thereby contributing to the protection of the environment and improving their corporate sustainability credentials.