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In case of breakdown or damage, you can contact Alphabet’s roadside assistance dispatch centre: 24/7 at +352 25 00 09 4000.

What kind of assistance is available?

Roadside assistance is available if your car leaves you stranded as a result of breakdown, an accident, fire, theft or vandalism, which prevents you from continuing your journey driving the vehicle.

In Belgium

If the vehicle is immobilised on the public highway or at home, Alphabet Assistance will send out a road assistance patrolman who will perform the repair on-site if possible. If on-site repair isimpossible, Alphabet Assistance will arrange to have the car towed. In that case, a replacement car will be made available to you.


If the vehicle is immobilised on the public highway or at the place where you are staying abroad as a result of an accident or a mechanical defect, Alphabet will arrange and pay for a roadside assistance service to come and try to repair the car on-site or for a towing service to come and to tow the covered vehicle to the nearest car garage of your vehicle make. Depending on the duration of the repair and depending on whether the motorist is on his outward journey, at his place of destination or on his return journey, Alphabet will provide the most suitable solution.

Replacement car

During the repairs, a replacement car will be made available free of charge for a maximum of 5 consecutive days. If you are using a replacement car over a protracted period of time, please make sure you act in compliance with the rules on servicing and repairs. If you have an Alphabet Fuel Pass, you can continue to use the pass for the replacement car. 

Please make sure you sign off your replacement car at all times by getting in touch with our AlphaRent department at or via Fleet agent

General terms and conditions

The above description of the covers is an extract from the general terms and conditions. For further information, please see Alphabet Assistance’s general terms and conditions. The services are handled by the Koninklijke Belgische Touring Club vzw (Royal Belgian Touring Club not-for-profit organisation) (RPR Brussels Legal Persons Register 0403.471.597), with registered office at 44 Wetstraat in 1040 Brussels.