Alphabet Belgium launches total eMobility-solution for companies

AlphaElectric: efficient electric motoring for corporate fleets

Aartselaar, – Efficient, sustainable and future-oriented – that’s what a modern fleet of vehicles has to be. Electric motoring or eMobility will play a major role in this, particularly in the corporate segment. Leasing company Alphabet is responding to this trend by launching AlphaElectric, the first comprehensive fleet solution for electric motoring.

"Companies can already benefit from the advantages of eMobility today", says Jan van Roon, Managing Director of Alphabet. "Every fleet of vehicles offers possibilities for the use of electric transport that you wouldn’t initially have expected, for example for regular city travel or as vehicles for collective company use."

By intelligently combining different kinds of vehicles in a fleet, a company can deploy electric vehicles (EVs) as and when it wishes on the basis of the length of the trip. This has a beneficial effect on the environment and in most cases also on the costs, thanks to reduced energy and maintenance costs. Employees have something to gain from it, too, since they’re able to try out and learn how to drive an EV without having to buy one themselves. AlphaElectric is aimed at removing existing obstacles and fostering trust in electric transport. “So much is said about the short service life of the battery and the number of charging points available, whilst we at Alphabet feel that the greatest barrier to the integration of EVs, in both the private and corporate context, is the fact that people aren’t putting their heads together to come up with solutions,” Jan explains.

To eMobility in four steps

AlphaElectric is a custom-made eMobility total solution. Within the parameters of a full-service contract, Alphabet delivers not just the vehicle but also everything needed to use the vehicle: from an effective charging solution to a whole host of additional services. The AlphaElectric approach, with a comprehensive customer-specific analysis in just four steps, goes much further than the leasing of conventional vehicles.

In an initial step Alphabet’s experts analyse the customer’s mobility profile so as to determine the fleet’s electric potential. They then examine which (semi-)electric models would best fit into the business fleet. Alphabet offers the full range of electric vehicles, vehicles with range extenders and plug-in hybrids. During the third step the optimal charging infrastructure is assembled: from a simple plug to a rapid-charging system. Step four rounds off the Alphabet 360 degrees eMobility approach: once AlphaElectric has been implemented, the customer can put together an individual package of additional services such as maps or the incorporation of alternative transport for longer journeys.

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About Alphabet

Alphabet is a supplier of Business Mobility in Europe, and as such helps companies to manage their fleet of vehicles economically and sustainably. As a subsidiary of the BMW Group, and set up in 1997 as a fleet management division, Alphabet has amassed extensive knowledge in the field of fleet management and leasing. On the basis of this know-how the company today devises innovative and flexible mobility solutions that meet customer requirements in 19 countries. With a portfolio of more than 508,000 vehicles of all makes, it is one of the four leading players on the European fleet market. In Belgium Alphabet manages more than 35,500 vehicles, earning it a place in the top four. The organisation offers a wide range of products and services, including consulting, financing and car-related services, as well as comprehensive management programmes for corporate fleets.


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