ArcelorMittal and Alphabet: a mutual electric project

This is a first both for Alphabet and ArcelorMittal in Luxembourg. The steel group has had four electric vehicles delivered for services which have to move between their different sites in Belval and Rodange via Differdange.

Four electric Nissans have been delivered to ArcelorMittal. In particular, the steel group is going to use two Leafs (saloons) and two NV-200es (vans) for inter-site transport. The vehicles will be used for mail, part and equipment deliveries and transporting people. Interview with Lucie Gall, environmental engineer who initiated the project

Alphabet: What was your key motivation for purchasing electric cars for ArcelorMittal?

Lucie Gall: The first was to reduce our carbon footprint by replacing thermal cars with zero-emissions electric cars*. And it is important to demonstrate ArcelorMittal's motivation to reduce its carbon footprint. Electric cars are exactly what we want, with frequent stops, whereas thermal ones are energy-hungry.

AP: How has Alphabet met your requirements?

LG: Alphabet was there to listen and had no issue in agreeing to change the leasing type by replacing thermal cars with electric ones.

AP: Did Alphabet propose the right electric solution for the vehicle profile sought or did you ask Alphabet to find a specifically electric solution?

LG: With Alphabet, we could try several models and according to how each would be used, we opted for three different models, including the Nissan Leaf and the NV-200e.

AP: Why did you choose Nissans?

LG: We chose Nissans partly because we could hire the batteries. The solution would be more beneficial.

AP: How are you going to manage vehicle recharging?

LG: Users may prove that they are responsible by connecting their cars to our site points each time they use them.

AP: Are ArcelorMittal personnel keen to see just how electric vehicles perform? And what is the reaction of its vehicles' drivers?

LG: The vehicles were presented at our Health and Safety Day. Many people had questions regarding cost comparison, CO2 emissions and how to manage lithium batteries at the end of their life. As far as drivers are concerned, they are very happy as there is less noise when driving them. And: zero stress at the wheel.


The project shows that Alphabet has managed to meet ArcelorMittal's unique requirements. This is a co-operation which is set to continue. Having passed this critical test, electric propulsion could become the solution of choice compared with thermal engines each time a vehicle is replaced. It will encourage the fleet to develop and reduce emissions at the same time.

* Zero emissions when they leave the forecourt

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