Are you scouting for energy-efficient vehicles that ramp up the sustainability of your car fleet and step down your average carbon dioxide emissions? Driving electric, a.k.a. eMobility, is assuming an increasingly more important position in the overall mobility landscape and acts to drive down your Total Cost of Mobility. Alphabet is keen to inform and advise you on this topic in a way that is clear and comprehensive.

eMobility brings a host of benefits, such as raised cost-efficiency and more sustainable mobility. Including Electric vehicles (EVs) as part of your fleet sees you reducing your Total Cost of Mobility: all the more so as EVs are cheaper in terms of maintenance than petrol or diesel-powered cars. But there's more! eMobility also sees you scale down your ecological footprint. EVs do not emit exhaust fumes, and if you are using a green electrical power supplier, your carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to the minimum. And last but not least, increased sustainable mobility has a positive impact on your corporate image.

Which is why Alphabet has come up with an innovative eMobility solution that brings you all of these benefits in a way that is particularly user-friendly. Courtesy of our full-option approach, integrating electric vehicles into your fleet was never this easy.

In AlphaElectric, Alphabet has set up a unique 4 step-by-step plan, thereby bringing a total solution that greatly simplifies the integration of electric cars as part of your fleet:

  1. Is eMobility the right choice for you? What is the electric potential of your fleet?
  2. Which vehicles are best suited to your car fleet?
  3. Recharging solutions: convenient recharging systems – both at home and at the office.
  4. Full-option pack: A to Z management of recharge cards, helpdesk, assistance – all the way up to and including supplementary services.

Further to the integration, you can choose from a wide range of supplementary mobility services to complete your eMobility pack. Think hire cars for longer journeys when EV is not the most appropriate mode of transport or driver training courses – for your motorists.

In other words, Alphabet is happy to map out the most efficient electric journey for your business: good for the environment, your costs and your corporate image. Enabling your staff to head for the future, care-free and fully charged.

Does (semi-)electric driving fit your driving profile?

Take the test with the EV-tool created by Alphabet. Based on the (semi-)electric vehicule of your preference, you can calculate your personal EV-factor, the percentage you wish to drive electric and the energy costs you can expect with your driving profile quickly with this online advise tool. You get a handy overview of your fuel and electrical costs when you choose to drive electric, whether fully or partly.

Calculate your personal EV-factor.

Does eMobility match your driving profile?

Discover if eMobility works for you.