• Strategic Mobility Consulting

Offering Strategic Consultancy to help you manage your fleet.

The world of the fleet manager is constantly moving. While fleet decisions have typically been based on car prices, fuel consumption or whole life cost models, the rules of mobility have changed. You need informed, independent and pragmatic advice, based on real-life experiences. That is where our Strategic Mobility Consultancy team can help.

Through our range of services, we can support you to step outside of the day to day running of your fleet to ask, "What if?"

  • What if we used flexible rentals instead of traditionally leased cars?
  • What if we independently looked at new mobility options such as AlphaCity and the range of electric vehicles (EVs) coming onto the market?
  • What if we trained our drivers and improved their safety record?
  • What if we took tighter control of driving licence checks and policies?
  • What if we reviewed our use of LCVs for deliveries?

Our Strategic Mobility Consulting services include Fleet Healthchecks, one-off Reviews and the use of a 'virtual' Fleet Expert to guide you through periods of change.

One thing is certain in today's business world: change. Let us guide you to create a mobility solution that fits with your needs.

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