• Step 4: Mobility Services

Our add on mobility package gives your drivers the option to switch to a traditional combustion engine vehicle in circumstances where an EV is not practical for example journey distance, number of passengers or load space.

By choosing this package you have access to a specified number of day’s rental ranging between 7, 12, 24 and 35 rental days, whichever suits your requirements. These rental days can be booked and tracked via our online reservation platform. Everything is included such as additional charges: delivery, collection and airport surcharges.

Our mobility services are everything you would expect from us including new innovative electric products.

AlphaElectric Chargecard

Our unique solution, the AlphaElectric Chargecard provides your drivers:

  • Cross network access to 85 % of the UK’s public charging network
  • Access to multiple Plugged In Places (PIP) Schemes
  • Pay per use solution

The AlphaElectric Chargecard emlinates the need to have multiple cards for different networks – it’s a one card solution. And to make things easier the charging points can be found on our AlphaGuide app.

Flexible leasing options

If you are a little unsure and would rather opt for a reduced risk approach to implementing electric vehicles into your fleet then our Discovery and Comfort packages could be for you.

  • Discovery package
    Discover the truth about electric vehicles for yourself and try before you commit. This package gives you access to an electric vehicle over a 3 or 6 month lease period. If after this period you consider an electric vehicle is suitable for your business requirements then we will be able to offer you a discount off your new lease.
  • Comfort package
    Relax in the knowledge that by choosing our comfort package you have removed the pressure of taking a long term electric vehicle lease. This package incorporates a reduced cost early termination (within 6 months) giving you the option to replace the electric vehicle with a traditional combustion engined vehicle.

AlphaCity Corporate CarSharing

AlphaCity offers a convenient alternative when an electric vehicle isn't suitable. With AlphaCity you have keyless access to a range of vehicles which are more suitable for longer distances, passengers numbers and load space.

Your drivers simply register, receive their login details and access card. Vehicles are reserved for the time and date required via our online platform. There is little administration as the booking is all online and there are no keys for the vehicles as the access cards act as the drivers key.