• Step 3: Charging Solutions

Our expert advice on charging hardware will provide you with the most suitable charging solutions for your chosen plug-in vehicles.

Our charging consultancy service assesses your journey patterns, your vehicles and other business requirements in order to answer the following questions:

How many charging points do you need?
Where should the charging points be located?
Where are the public charging points and how to I access them?

Working closely with our preferred energy partner to meet your financial requirements we can offer solutions for:

Residential charging
Free of charge hardware and installation at residential locations

Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Solution, including:

  • Home tethered lockable wallbox
  • Mode 3 Charging (point communicates with the car)
  • Full RCD, MCB protection and fully earthed
  • Smart Meter and usage statement

Commercial charging
A full range of solutions for any fleet size or vehicle type

  • Single fleets and small to medium fleets
  • Mid sized fleets and large fleets
  • Both Non-Comms connected & SMART Units available
  • Single socket wall mounted or double wall mounted or post options

For both residential and commercial charging solutions we offer:

  • Technical assessment of locations
  • Installation and project management
  • Residential and commercial solutions
  • Maintenance and warranty