• Step 1: Fleet Analysis

To help you clarify the costs, environmental benefits and most suitable EV’s for your fleet we work with you to assess your electrification potential. We utilise a range of tools and techniques to help you understand the costs and environmental impacts of your current business mobility and to determine:

Your electric fleet potential
Which conventional fleet vehicles could be replaced by EVs?

Your charging infrastructure
How many charging stations are necessary, where should they be located (office and/or home) and which public charging points can you access and use?

Your costs
What impact on investment and running costs will the introduction of the appropriate electric vehicles produce?

Your sustainability
What is the impact on your fleet’s environmental performance?

Our detailed examination of your fleet’s existing journeys takes into consideration data from telematics, mileage capture and expenses data and then maps journeys against charging point locations. This enables us to calculate current mileage, costs and CO2 emissions to identify which vehicles could be potentially be substituted, leading to an optimum blend of traditional combustion and electric vehicles.