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Alphabet highlights the UK’s pothole epidemic

15 January 2016 - To mark National Pothole Day, Alphabet is urging drivers to take responsibility on the road, and be aware of the risks posed by potholes and uneven road surfaces.

To promote driver safety and basic maintenance to all vehicles, Alphabet shares its five top tips to help drivers ensure minimal damage and costs, especially with the colder snap now firmly upon us:

1. Watch your distance: Leave plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front to help spot hidden potholes
2. Stay alert: Be aware of other traffic or pedestrians on the road before changing course to avoid a pothole
3. Watch your speed: Never hit a pothole at a high speed. This can cause expensive and in some cases, irreversible damage to your vehicle
4. Avoid unnecessary braking: Do not apply your brakes when you are driving over a pothole. When brake pressure is applied, the vehicle tilts forward and a pothole will place more stress on the front suspension
5. Check your tyre pressure: Correct type pressure is the front line of damage prevention for all drivers. Make sure your tyres are aligned with the regulations located inside the driver’s handbook
6. Report the pothole: It’s easy to report a pothole. Simply visit In doing so you will be helping other drivers avoid damage to their vehicles.

Mark Gibson, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Alphabet says: “The Chancellor’s 2015 Autumn Statement pledged an extra £250m investment over the next five years to help improve road surfaces. We urge drivers to conduct basic diligence in carrying out preventative measures to avoid potholes and uneven road surfaces on main and local roads. Until a solution has been set, drivers must be vigilant and take the necessary precautions.”

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