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Alphabet customers drive over one million ‘shared miles’ this year with AlphaCity

17 November 2016 - Business mobility specialist Alphabet today announced that customers using its corporate car sharing platform, AlphaCity, have smashed the one million ‘shared miles’ driven mark for the first time ever. During 2016 Alphabet’s corporate, public sector and SME customers have shared over a million miles driven on UK roads using AlphaCity car sharing vehicles.

This year to date, AlphaCity vehicles in the UK have travelled 1,022,084 miles as a result of over 17,500 bookings, resulting in the average AlphaCity journey length (there and back) in the UK is 58 miles. Having delivered its first electric vehicles (EVs) to AlphaCity customers last year with the BMW i3, the average journey length bodes well for the successful take-up of EVs in corporate car sharing. What’s more these vehicles are being used across organisations to meet the mobility needs of many different types of employees, with an average of 33 users per vehicle.

Nick Butler, Alphabet’s Head of Corporate Mobility commented: “This is a tremendous achievement both for our dedicated AlphaCity team and for our most progressive, forward-thinking customers who have supported corporate car sharing.

It is testament to those senior fleet decision makers who have had the foresight to introduce innovative, technology-enabled car sharing into their fleet, as well as promoting different thinking and new behaviours within their organisations. They are a demonstration of the strategic shift in mobility towards finding the right mode of travel for the journey and employee – which might not always be a company car, rental vehicle or traditional pool car.

As we’ve seen with other successes in the sharing economy, such as Uber and Airbnb, this is no longer a ‘niche’ solution but one which is being used and appreciated every day by a significant number of people for business travel. Employees love the low emission, business spec vehicles being available on demand while businesses benefit from a more cost effective and efficient way to address their real world challenges such as taxi costs, rental vehicles, pool car management and grey fleet.”

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