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Brexit FAQs

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021

Alphabet welcomes the agreement which was reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom on their future trading relations. This has passed into law in the UK and became applicable from 01 January 2021. The UK Government has published a summary explainer of the agreement and has made updates to the Brexit Transition page on its website. Check these resources for further information.

Avoiding tariffs and additional customs duties will help to minimise the impact of Brexit on the automotive industry as a whole. While the outlook seems positive and most are breathing a sigh of relief, there is still work to be done to ensure we, as an industry, adapt in an agile manner to the changing state of play and evolving market conditions.

At Alphabet, we’ve carried out a number of important preparations over the past few years to ensure readiness for every possible situation. To support your mobility during the post-Brexit transition, Alphabet can provide you with a range of flexible options. Please contact your dedicated Alphabet representative to find out more.

General Enquiries

Can I take my vehicle abroad within the EU?

Yes, though we recommend all drivers check the latest guidance from the Government before leaving the UK.

It remains the driver’s responsibility to ensure that required documentation and equipment is in the vehicle and kept up to date.

You are likely to need all of the following for your travel to Europe:

  • International Drivers Permit (IDP) which can be purchased from your local Post Office;
  • Green Card – please speak with your insurance company directly to apply for this;
  • GB sticker for the rear of your vehicle;
  • Travel Abroad document (VE103) – using our online portal, you can request and pay for the VE103 Travel Abroad document.

More information regarding travel to the EU and detail about how roadside assistance is affected, can be found within your VE103 travel pack.

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021
RN: 1.2

I have an EU driving licence. Can I continue using it within the UK?

To get up to date information on EU driving licences, please refer to the following link:

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021
RN: 1.3

New Orders and Deliveries

Can I place new orders and request quotes at this time?

Yes. Alphabet will continue to provide quotations and place new orders.

We will keep you updated with your order status when we receive notification from the manufacturer and supplying dealer.

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021
RN: 2.1

Will new vehicle orders be affected?

Alphabet is in close contact with all vehicle manufacturers to ensure orders are progressed in a timely manner.

Should the manufacturer advise of any change in timings regarding new orders, your dealership, broker and/or Alphabet Representative will contact you.

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021
RN: 2.2

Can I cancel my existing order?

If you would like to cancel your existing order, please contact your Alphabet Representative quoting your order number and reason for cancellation. We will then speak to the relevant dealership or manufacturer. 

Alphabet will not charge a fee to cancel your order, but the dealership or manufacturer may charge a cancellation fee depending on the stage of the vehicle build and/or the vehicle specification. Any finance agreement relating to a cancelled order will also be cancelled.

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021
RN: 2.3

Servicing, Tyres, Glass and MOT

Can I still service and MOT my vehicle?

Yes, our preferred network is open and available to provide service and maintenance to vehicles.

Please book via our website using Driver Services, via AlphaGuide or by calling the driver line on 03700 120 301.

Last reviewed: 09 April 2021
RN: 5.1


If you have queries relating to COVID-19, visit this page for frequently asked questions.

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