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Teaching the Specialists: the magic behind CUPRA's exclusive retailers

Teaching the Specialists: the magic behind CUPRA's exclusive retailers

As a contemporary car brand born in the 21st century, dedicated to offering an innovative and alternative retail experience, the challenges of 2020 have meant CUPRA's training of its expert retail staff has needed to be just as groundbreaking. 

With face-to-face training not possible, CUPRA's commitment to digitalisation has allowed the manufacturer to train more than 600 CUPRA Specialists, the product experts at CUPRA retail sites, from home across the UK and the world. 

As the new retail network focuses on offering customers a bespoke and personal service, the virtual space called CUPRA e-Garage offers all the tools and training to help CUPRA Specialists develop the skills they need, while letting them explore digital CUPRA models and access an array of technical content. 

The CUPRA e-Garage also features an auditorium for live presentations and training sessions. At the first virtual convention CUPRA Specialists from 35 different countries met here, despite hundreds of miles separating them all, to train and become the specialised point of contact for customers that sets CUPRA apart. 

The brand has more initiatives to fully digitalise the CUPRA Specialist path, including a recently-launched smartphone application which helps the entire CUPRA community interact and support one another.  

Antonino Labate, CUPRA Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations, commented: "We are the brand with the ambition to create cars and experiences that make people feel special. With our product offensive, we now have a big opportunity to start talking to a broader audience in another way. 

"As a contemporary organisation born in the 21st century, we are a native digital brand which aims to leverage the power of technology to generate emotions. There are no frontiers for the CUPRA community. Our pioneering attitude leads us to create digital spaces and content where our community of specialists can meet and experience the brand".

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