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RAC responds to Transport Committee announcement on road pricing

RAC responds to Transport Committee announcement on road pricing

Responding to the Transport Committee launching a national conversation on road pricing, RAC head of policy Nicholas Lyes said: "“There is no question that the existing fuel duty system is on borrowed time as we move towards electric and other zero emission forms of car travel. It’s therefore clear that business as usual isn’t an option moving forward.

“We know through research that drivers are open to a new form of motoring taxation but 75% of those we questioned are worried they may end up paying more tax than they do now. For this reason we believe any new tax should be in place of the current one and not in addition to it.

“Our research also suggests that a sizeable number of drivers would see a ‘per mile’ road pricing option as fairer than the current system of paying fuel duty, and there is a large level of support for the principle of the ‘more you drive, the more you pay’. In addition, drivers tell us that any ‘pay per mile’ system of road pricing would make them consider cutting out short journeys.”

It’s clear there is more engagement with drivers needed before such a system can be brought forward.”

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