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PRA welcomes the Downstream Oil Resilience Bill

PRA welcomes the Downstream Oil Resilience Bill

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) has welcomed the publication of The Downstream Oil Resilience Bill, which was introduced last month by Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan.

The Bill aims to address the following issues:

Identifying risks of disruption to the UK fuel supply market

Protecting fuel supply resilience when required and prevent supply disruptions from occurring in the first place

Enabling the collection of information from the sector to understand the impact of potential/active disruptions in fuel supply

Enabling the Government to provide financial assistance to build resilience and security within fuel supplies

Gordon Balmer, PRA Executive Director comments, “The PRA is pleased with how the bill has been drafted to meet the Government’s policy intentions to identify risks to supply and support the industry to ensure downstream oil resilience.

“The powers that are conveyed to the Secretary of State, enabling them to take immediate and relevant actions to ensure this supply, are necessary irrespective of the emergency powers that may be granted under the Energy Act 1976 and the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.”

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