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Pioneering mobility app puts motorists back in the driving seat

Pioneering mobility app puts motorists back in the driving seat

The new driving app, myAutomate, is revolutionising the way drivers think about their vehicle – and how they use it.

The innovative new app, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play, offers the same benefits to every motorist. It provides a complete solution that takes the hassle and complexity out of owning, driving and managing a car day-to-day.

By downloading myAutomate, drivers have access to a world of information at their fingertips. This begins with smart fuel pricing, where drivers can view the best fuel price nearest to them. The algorithm powering the myAutomate app recognises that recommending the cheapest garage to fill up may not necessarily be the best value if it is further away. Instead, prices are listed in order of distance, allowing the user to decide if the best price is the one nearest them or a drive further away.

The enhanced functionality also caters for the growing number of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid drivers. myAutomate already lists more than 12,000 available charging sites with over 31,000 connectors for owners to locate within the app and more are being added on a daily basis.

Pinpointing car washes as well as parking options is also possible in one touch using this free-to-download app. The app lists locations with automatic rollover or conveyor wash, jet washing or regulated hand wash facilities and car parks with more than 25 spaces. Accurate and live information means that all prices and locations are constantly being updated with new information to make any motorist’s journey a simple one.

Keeping on top of vehicle tax renewals, MOT, servicing and insurance renewal dates can be time consuming. However, what sets myAutomate apart is the option to input a vehicle registration to automatically create reminders on tax and MOT expiry dates.

Furthermore, users add their details on their last service date and insurance expiry dates and myAutomate does the rest in managing all the red tape and admin through advanced reminders.

Andrew Watson, Co-founder and Managing Director, myAutomate, said: “With all of this information available in one easy-to-use app, more and more drivers are feeling empowered to make informed decisions that make their journeys quicker, less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

“myAutomate is the motorist’s daily companion when it comes to saving money and time, and bringing a new level of convenience to everyday driving. Whether your vehicle is for private or business use, it’s an incredibly intuitive and easily accessible way to reduce the costs associated with owning and running a car or van.”

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