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Parkopedia expands in-car fuel payments with carpay-Diem partnership

Parkopedia expands in-car fuel payments with carpay-Diem partnership

Parkopedia has entered a new partnership with carpay-Diem as it plans to roll out an in-car fuel payment service across 18 countries.

The deal expands the coverage of Parkopedia’s in-car fuelling payment solution to now become the largest in Europe.

By adding carpay-Diem’s services to its payment platform, Parkopedia will enable in-car fuelling payments at almost 3,500 fuel stations across Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

The number of fuel stations covered is predicted to rise to more than 60,000 across 18 countries, including the UK, over the next three years.

Hans Puvogel, COO at Parkopedia, said: “By combining leading connected vehicle service providers into our single API, we are able to offer automakers a complete, integrated solution that presents unparalleled vehicle-centric in-car payment services for drivers.

“With carpay-Diem’s impressive coverage of fuelling stations in Europe and ambitious plans for expansion over the next three years, the partnership means we are now the largest facilitator of in-car fuelling payments in Europe, with our coverage across all domains on the payment platform growing globally, every day.”

The system works when a vehicle arrives at a compatible fuel station, enabling the driver to select an available fuel pump number on their in-car infotainment screen. The platform activates the pump automatically, initiates the transaction and securely manages the payment from the vehicle.

Once the nozzle is replaced, a transaction receipt will appear on the vehicle screen which can be sent to smartphone devices which can then be uploaded to company expense systems, as well as relaying information regarding any loyalty points earned.

The service also includes payments for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, fuelling and tolls.

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