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The new Polo – virtual world première on 22 April

The new Polo – virtual world première on 22 April

The Polo has been an integral part of the small car segment since 1975, and is one of the most successful models in its class – not just in Germany, but in many markets worldwide. Around 18 million units have been sold to date. Volkswagen is continuing its product history of over 45 years with the new Polo, and will celebrate the virtual world première on Thursday, 22 April at 11 am.

Whether as the notchback version in the 1970s, legendary Polo Coupé G40, trendy Cross Polo, natural gas-driven Polo TGI1 or extremely sporty Polo GTI2, Volkswagen has produced pioneering, economical, sporty and sometimes unconventional Polo models over the course of decades. Just as it did with the Golf, Volkswagen managed the almost impossible in terms of design: it created a small car that is chic and features timeless design, and placed it in a price-sensitive segment across all generations of the Polo. The new version of the Polo also continues this evolution. Sketches showing the new light strips and LED headlights in the front grille give an initial impression of its optimised design.

Extensive information will soon be available as the virtual world première of the new Polo will be held this Thursday, 22 April, at 11 am (link). This much is clear already: as well as the design, the structure of the offering in this best-seller has also been revised. New technologies are finding their way in, instruments are becoming more digital and, thanks to greater networking, the inhabitants are “always on” – so the success story of this vehicle can continue.

1Polo TGI CNG fuel consumption in kg/100 km: urban 4.2-4.1 / extra-urban 2.9-2.7 / combined 3.4-3.3; combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 93-89; efficiency class: A+ 2Polo GTI – fuel consumption in l/100 km: urban 7.7, extra-urban 4.9, combined 5.9; combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 134; efficiency class: C

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