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MotoNovo release online reservation tool to help dealers through lockdown

MotoNovo release online reservation tool to help dealers through lockdown

MotoNovo Finance has launched a new digital reservation tool that will be free until the end of February that supports the move to online car sales 24x7 which is ideal for the lockdown restrictions now in place across much of the UK. 

When it comes to offering online sales and a home delivery or click & deliver service, securing the initial reservation is a critical first step. The new reservation tool provided by MotoNovo meets this need, bringing customer and dealer together.  

Customers can find the vehicle they want on a dealer's website, pay a reservation fee, choose their preferred finance product, amount and term and select an option to collect or take delivery of their new car, van or motorbike. 

Reflecting on this latest innovation, Mark Standish, CEO at MotoNovo Finance, notes: "Making online sales that bit easier for dealers and their customers in the current operating conditions is another way in which we are helping dealers and customers to come together. It also gives dealers a smart new dimension to their proposition, the ability to offer 24x7 capability. They can now turn the significant levels of out of hours buyer interest that we know exists into a solid sale."  

By paying a fee through the new online reservation tool, using a debit or credit card, customers can reserve a specific vehicle that removes it from sale. Dealers set the amount paid to reserve the vehicle and the time for which the vehicle is taken off the market. 

The development will benefit more than a thousand dealers that use MotoNovo's Quote and Propose technology and is ideally suited to supporting the move towards click and deliver  and home-delivery sale. 

At the heart of this step is MotoNovo's commitment to collaboration with dealers and the organisations with which it works, such as long-term technology supplier iVendi with whom the reservation tool has been developed. As Mark concludes, collaboration is a trend that can help the future of used car retailing as he notes; 

"A key learning this year has to be the importance of collaboration. Working together, businesses can be quicker, leaner and better aligned to meet the challenges ahead. This latest rapid innovation is a classic example and by making it free until the end of February we are reaching out to our dealers to demonstrate once again that a closer working relationship can create a Triple Win that works for dealers, their customers and MotoNovo."

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