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Increase the frequency of fleet valuations, says Cap HPI

Increase the frequency of fleet valuations, says Cap HPI

The threat of the economic uncertainty created by Brexit and tighter controls from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) make it essential to undertake more frequent valuations of fleet portfolios, suggests Cap HPI.

It argues that a clear and real-time understanding of the value of a fleet is vital in a fast moving market.

James Pass, head of sales at the automotive data experts, says it is “essential” to have full visibility of a fleet’s value so funders can make provisions in the accounts for potential profit and loss.

“Without this, you could risk losing money or potential business,” he said.

Cap HPI has created a new tool that allows the bulk import of vehicle data and valuation of a fleet portfolio.

“The new tool puts you in control of your assets and gives you access to comprehensive information, exactly when you need it,” continued Pass. “Users can generate quick valuations, across all vehicle types, allowing you to manage any differences between newly forecast residual values and the original residual value set. Without this insight, future profitability is not visible.”

The tool uses Cap HPI’s monthly data that reflect actual market conditions, with users able to view values on specific future dates, helping disposal profitability to be maximised by assessing alternative contract end dates.

A vehicle report can also be selected to assist in potential sale and leaseback opportunities, which significantly speeds up the process, saving funders time and increasing productivity, it said.

Portfolio Valuations comes with a reporting suite, which includes ID check, used values, future values, movements, mileages, disposals and unsold vehicles.

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