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GForces launches AI-powered automated video platform into UK with Phyron

GForces launches AI-powered automated video platform into UK with Phyron

Industry-leading automotive ecommerce solution provider, GForces, has partnered with Phyron to bring revolutionary AI-powered automated videos to UK car retailers. The software, which integrates with the company’s NetDirector® Auto-e digital platform, enables retailers to include an instant video for every unit of stock, creating a higher quality, more engaging sales experience for customers, as well as saving them precious administration time. 

Until now, car retailers have been unable to routinely create video content for every vehicle in their portfolio. The process was time-consuming and costly, and often the quality and results inconsistent, with some vehicles only afforded still imagery. Now, with the addition of Phyron’s Video+AI solution, dealers can eliminate any potential gaps, by ensuring that every vehicle is listed online with an accompanying rich and exciting video to enhance the sales process and, ultimately, improve stock turnover. 

Phyron’s sophisticated AI engine transforms still images, text, data and weblinks, among others, into attractive videos that highlight the best selling points of each car. This automated process improves the time lag from when a vehicle is displayed before it is accompanied by a video asset, resulting in a shorter timeline before sale. 

The partnership with Phyron is GForces’ latest commitment to its continuously improving selection of Digital Stock Preparation services. In addition, the NetDirector® Auto-e platform also includes NetDirector® Vision, allowing car retailers to capture high quality digital merchandising content with interactive 360° spins, videos and photographs, and Snapcell, the interactive video platform, creating a fully digital showroom experience with personalised commentary from a salesperson.

Tim Smith, Chief Commercial Officer at GForces said, “We are always looking for ways to enhance our NetDirector® Auto-e platform and the partnership with Phyron allows us to deliver unprecedented video content for retailers. Research has shown that videos deliver significant benefits in driving higher sales conversion rates and  the speed of car sales. The Phyron platform will enable retailers to include video assets across every unit of stock, without the time demands and costs previously associated with manual video production.”

Mattias Kellquist, Co-Founder and Director Business Development added, “Phyron’s Video+AI solution is revolutionising the sales experience for buyers. Instead of trying to make informed decisions based on a series of still images, every vehicle is now brought to life with our automated platform. We are excited to be partnering with GForces to deliver the service to their industry-leading network of retailers.” 

The ecommerce industry leader in the global automotive sector. GForces has offices in the UK, Australia, Dubai and Vietnam. The company works with 20 car manufacturers in 65 countries, supporting 6,000 retail locations. In just 24 months, 1,651 UK franchised retailers - approximately one third of all UK retailer sites - have switched to the GForces ecommerce platform, NetDirector® Auto-e. 

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