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First shipment of new Mitsubishi l200 series 6 Pickup arrives in the UK

First shipment of new Mitsubishi l200 series 6 Pickup arrives in the UK

The first shipment of Mitsubishi L200 Series 6 pickups has arrived in the UK at Bristol’s Royal Portbury Docks, with more shipments set to dock in the following weeks.

Mitsubishi Motors has long set the benchmark for rugged, reliable off-road vehicles and nowhere is that truer than in the demanding and competitive pickup segment. The outgoing Mitsubishi L200 Series 5, for example, has won numerous awards since it first went on sale in 2015, most notably Auto Express magazine’s Pickup of the Year for four years straight and Car Buyers’ Best Pickup since 2017.

The good news is the Series 6 is even better. More advanced in terms of technology and safety, more efficient and cleaner than ever before, quieter and more refined with improved ride and handling plus it’s arguably the toughest looking vehicle Mitsubishi Motors has ever designed and certainly the most imposing and rugged pickup in the market today. And all this from a manufacturer with an unrivalled reputation for reliability and longevity backed by the best dealer network in the business.

The first examples of the new Mitsubishi L200 Series 6 will be delivered to UK dealers in the coming weeks and will be launched to the media on Thursday 15th August in Silverstone.

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