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Digital solution helps vehicle repairers combat parts shortages

Digital solution helps vehicle repairers combat parts shortages

With fresh predictions of the parts shortage crisis and supply chain issues within the collision industry continuing well into 2023, a leading technology provider is helping vehicle repairers acquire low-stock quality parts and minimise repair costs by connecting directly with vehicle manufacturers via its innovative technology platform. 

Indeed, at a time when sourcing parts is among the most complex challenges faced by those in the collision industry, VISION, an innovative platform from OEC, is helping connect bodyshops to OEM’s, dealers, and others in the collision eco-system to ensure the seamless and cohesive sale of genuine parts. 

Furthermore, streamlining the repair journey and helping repairers source low-stock parts and minimise repair costs, VISION is also helping insurance companies reduce the number of vehicles being written-off because of uneconomical repairs. 

Damon Milne, OEC’s trade and collision product director commented: “Finding the right part, at the right time and at the right price can be challenging for bodyshops at the best of times, but the current market conditions have made this an even more difficult task. However, with VISION, repairers can now streamline their repair journey, which will go some way towards keeping cost of repairs down.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and the microchip crisis have disrupted supply chains, resulting in shortages of parts and raw materials. In fact, such is the negative impact of these forces, the average repair cost has reportedly surged by 27 per cent in the past four years, and with a steeper inflationary curve anticipated in the coming months, there is little sign of costs stabilising. 

In response, crash repairers and dealerships have turned to VISION from OEC, who is partnered with over 20 genuine parts manufacturers. The innovative platform enables bodyshops to receive a full parts quotation within fifteen minutes of inspection, combining the bodyshop’s normal trade terms and potential discounts on specific parts. 

What’s more, the benefits don’t stop at the crash repairer or dealership, with the vehicle owner also enjoying the potential time and cost savings from the use of VISION, with manufacturer warranties, first time fitment and reduced key-to-key time also included.

Damon concluded: “Ultimately, those in need of a car repair are looking for the right part to be fitted quickly at a fair price, something VISION from OEC helps to deliver each and every time.” 

To discover more about VISION, visit OEC’s VISON product page, or email

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