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DFT announces EV chargepoint consultation – AA comments 

DFT announces EV chargepoint consultation – AA comments 

Commenting on the announcement that the Department for Transport have begun a consultation on improving the EV charging experience, Jack Cousens, head of roads policy for the AA, says; "For the here and now, there are sufficient chargepoints in relation to the number of evs on the road. But with all focus on 2030, more chargepoints will be needed to help encourage uptake and dispel drivers' fears of running out of charge. 

"In simple terms, drivers want chargepoints to be as easy and simple to use as a fuel pump. They don't want to have a multitude of apps or membership cards, but the ability to simply understand how much it will cost them and pay by card. 

"We will also need a mixture of locations to come forward. As well as charging at work and home, more destination charging will be needed such as; supermarkets, leisure centres, shopping centres and sports grounds. 

"It would also be an opportune moment to consider the experience for disabled drivers and those with physical limitations. Chargepoints can be difficult to use with some existing spaces too small for wheelchair users, heavy cables and connectors as well as payment systems set at heights mainly focused on able bodied drivers. 

"To truly level up, we need to think of everyone who will use the network and ensure they can keep moving."

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