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Delivering sustainable road transport – BVRLA launches 2019 manifesto

Delivering sustainable road transport – BVRLA launches 2019 manifesto

As Parliament shuts for a five-week general election campaign, the BVRLA is calling for the next Government to back the fleet sector by confirming the long-term status of its plug-in vehicle grants.

There is a broad political consensus about the need to transition to a net-zero emission economy and encourage more sustainable modes of travel. As the operators of the newest, cleanest and most flexible fleets on UK roads, the vehicle rental, leasing and car club industry is perfectly placed to help deliver these goals.

Focusing on three main areas - accelerating the road to zero, driving transport behaviour change, and tackling air quality and emissions today - the association’s Manifesto 2019: Delivering sustainable road transport highlights the vital role BVRLA members can play in moving towards greener, cleaner transportation.

Amongst the policy ideas submitted by the BVRLA is a call for the future of the Plug-In Grant for vans and cars to be confirmed. There are currently no concrete plans to continue this grant beyond next year, feeding anxiety within the market that the fund could be pulled at short notice. Until price parity is achieved with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the grant provides a vital affordability boost for those purchasing an electric car or van.

As countries around the world compete in decarbonising their road transport, the BVRLA is urging the next Government to give a long-term Plug-in Grant commitment until 2025, gradually phasing out this support as progress is made towards parity with ICE vehicles.

The Plug-In Grant ask forms part of the BVRLA’s seven-point plan produced for the next Government’s first 100 days in office:

Extend the Plug-in Grant for pure electric vehicles until 2025.

Re-introduce the Plug-in Grant for hybrid vehicles as a short-term measure while supply constraints for pure EVs continue.

Target additional funding for the fleet sector to help with the costs of installing EV charging infrastructure.

Adjust CO2 related taxes to create a more stable environment to encourage investment in greener company cars.

Extend Future Mobility Zone funding for another year.

Create a Mobility Innovation Fund to help local authorities to develop new, integrated mobility services.

Establish a new 'Targeted Clean Freight Scrappage Fund' to help upgrade vans and trucks operating within the Clean Air Zones.

“The main political parties have provided lots of ambitious targets for reducing transport emissions and congestion but precious little detail on how this rapid transition is going to be achieved,” said BVRLA Chief Executive Gerry Keaney.

“In our manifesto, we have set out some clear, costed policy measures that will help tackle air quality, drive transport behaviour change and accelerate the road to zero.”

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