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Car nation…brits shun public transport on shopping trips

Car nation…brits shun public transport on shopping trips

Half of UK shoppers drive to their local high street rather than taking public transport, cycling or walking, according to a new study by

Indeed, despite Government efforts to get more people out of their cars to walk or cycle instead, the survey shows that one-in-two Brits will still not give up their motor for a local shopping trip.

Of those surveyed, just one-in-fifty said they went on a bicycle and only just over one-in-ten went by bus, both dwarfed by those still getting behind the wheel. In fact, more people went in a taxi or got a lift rather than going by bike.

However, almost a quarter said they walked to the high street, making it the second most popular form of transport.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “While almost one-in-four people walk to the high street, this is still way behind the number of people who drive in a car according to our latest research.

“It would seem that Brits are still in love with their vehicles and are shunning other forms of transport.”

Meanwhile, the survey also found that one-in-ten said they would like to see more high street parking spaces.

Harrison added: “It’s no surprise that many would like to see more parking spaces given the number of people driving to the high street.

“For some drivers it’s a real struggle and it can be a stressful experience searching for a place to leave the car. However, there are options available, such as pre-booking a space, that can help.”

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