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BuyaCar passes the four million milestone for distance covered delivering cars to customers

BuyaCar passes the four million milestone for distance covered delivering cars to customers

HALF A MILLION delivery miles in the first nine months of 2020 took the online car supermarket past the total four million milestone in October. 

That's the distance covered delivering cars to customers' homes since the company began its revolutionary 'Amazonification' of motor retail by pioneering the 'buy from home' way of selling cars and vans. It's equivalent to 160 times around the globe. 

Today internet car sales are increasingly the norm, with rarely a month going by without new online car retail businesses arriving on the scene - or traditional motor manufacturers launching a web-based transaction and home delivery service. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been instrumental in encouraging more car buyers to go online, with celebrating its busiest ever summer period even as traditional dealers reported an increase in demand after the UK's lockdown between March and June. 

The online motor retail market's rapid growth this year, tempting car buyers from more areas of Britain than ever before to order from, means 2017's total delivery miles of 466,536 was beaten by the end of September this year, with a total distance covered of 504,722 miles. 

Records have tumbled for BuyaCar during 2020.  

Even during the first month of Britain's coronavirus lockdown more than £1.1 million of cars and vans were delivered by the business to key workers, when normal business was suspended across the entire industry. 

July was the biggest sales month in's 18 year history and August saw motorists splashing out more than ever before as average prices paid reached a record high of £19,969 - £2,000 more than at the start of the year. 

And this summer saw women accounting for half of all BuyaCar's sales for the first time ever - in contrast to representing around a third of customers in the traditional dealer environment. 

Christofer Lloyd, editor of, said: "It is appropriate that we have now passed the four million milestone for total deliveries to the customer's door, in a year which has seen BuyaCar performance records broken several times. 

"Our average delivery distances between the supplying dealer and the purchasing customer typically hover around 160-180 miles but many customers choose cars from hundreds of miles away that they would never have a chance of buying without 

"This year's delivery distances have ranged from a very local 2.7 miles to a whopping 602 miles, so the distances soon add up. 

"With the four million milestone now passed at a time of unprecedented expansion for BuyaCar and the whole online motor retail market we expect to cover the next million delivery miles by the end of 2021." 

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