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BCA Pulse - Market sees an upturn in demand

BCA Pulse - Market sees an upturn in demand

The headline used car value at BCA reduced by £310 in July to £9,153 with the summer holiday season underway and a shift in the mix of product entering the market.

Stuart Pearson BCA COO UK Remarketing commented, “After a number of consecutive months of falling book values, we saw the market stabilise in July and demand lifted in spite of the commencement of the holiday season.  We’ve continued to work closely with our customers over recent months to keep them informed of factors influencing trading conditions and keep stock churning.”

He added, “Our unique real-time BCA Valuations pricing intelligence continues to help customers to value stock to sell first time and provides an additional layer of confidence during what has been a challenging period in the industry.  The cleanest and best presented stock continue to attract buyers and those customers who have invested in intelligence driven vehicle preparation during this period have continued to benefit from the demand and value that has been created.”

Year-on-year table: All cars

Fleet & lease values averaged £11,294 at BCA in July 2019, down by just £78 (0.76%) compared to June, but up by £193 (1.7%) compared to a year ago, despite age and mileage rising slightly.  Similar to last month, the retained value against original MRP (Manufacturers Retail Price) was down by around two percentage points when compared to 2018, largely as a result of both age and mileage at time of sale rising compared to a year ago.

Dealer part-exchange average values fell for the first time since April of this year albeit the average value of £5,009 was broadly in line with last year with a very similar profile of age and mileage.

Values for nearly-new vehicles at BCA fell to £22,106, a £1,375 (5.8%) decline from the June value.  Model mix has a significant effect in this sector, with brand specific winners and losers.

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