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BCA Europe launches ‘Electric Fridays’ 

BCA Europe launches ‘Electric Fridays’ 

BCA Europe has launched a weekly online sale of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) under the banner of 'Electric Fridays', creating a Europe-wide marketplace for this fast-growing automotive segment. 

The regular dedicated e-auctions take place weekly from 10 am to 4 pm CET across Europe. The programme brings together BCA's PEV stock in one place for European buyers, creating the best balance of supply and demand at both local and international level. 

Alba Abiega, BCA European EV Marketline Director commented "This new initiative brings together all the PEVS consigned for sale across BCA Europe into a focused online sales programme, offering buyers the greatest possible choice to meet the demands of their own specific markets.  The results of early sales show that increasing the choice and simplifying the task for our buyers leads to better liquidity and prices for our vendors and increased cross-border trade." 

The launch of the weekly Electric Fridays programme underlines BCA's market leading offering for both buyers and sellers of electric vehicles in Europe and builds on the remarketing strategy for these vehicles which was launched last year. 

Jean-Roch Piat, BCA Divisional CEO explained "With the adoption of EVs accelerating across European markets, our business partners need an optimal remarketing channel for these vehicles. We have put EVs at the heart of our strategy, and are investing ahead of the curve, with a dedicated team already in place to manage the wider transition into electric vehicles.” 

"We have exclusive key remarketing partnerships with EV manufacturers and have developed training programs for our customers, with over 1,000 trade-buyers across Europe now regularly trading electric vehicles. We expect to see this figure increase significantly with the launch of our weekly Electric Fridays.  Last year, we commenced operations in Norway which operates the largest per capita fleet of plug-in electric vehicles in the world.”

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