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BCA adds Proxy Bidding to BCA Buyer app

BCA adds Proxy Bidding to BCA Buyer app

BCA has released a further update to its Buyer app with the introduction of Proxy Bidding for forthcoming live auctions.

App users can choose to leave proxy bids on any number of vehicles in forthcoming BCA sales. Buyers simply navigate to the vehicle they are interested, enter their maximum bid and tap on the ‘Place Proxy Bid’ button.

Bids are accepted in £100 increments and, when ready, the BCA Buyer app user taps a confirmation button to register their bid.  Once made, proxy bids can be amended at any time up until the vehicle is offered for sale. Winning Proxy Bids will appear in MyBCA Purchases within the app and on the BCA website.

This update gives BCA Buyer app customers even more opportunity to bid in BCA’s real-time Online Auctions – with proxy bids giving greater flexibility to professional buyers who might otherwise not be available to bid on specific vehicles due to time or work constraints.

Over 6,000 unique users are now accessing BCA’s sales programmes every day via the Buyer app, gaining access to the largest choice of used vehicle stock wherever they may be.  BCA continues to set records for the number of vehicles offered in online auctions, with up to 7,400 vehicles offered daily.

Dene Jones, Chief Marketing and Data Officer said: “BCA continues to enhance the Buyer app, making it even easier for our professional buyer customers to acquire stock safely, efficiently and profitably.   The BCA Buyer app is the most widely used transactional mobile app serving the wholesale used vehicle sector, delivering a range of benefits for buyers and generating significant additional demand for sellers.”

The BCA Buyer app streamlines the buying process to ensure that customers never miss a vehicle.  BCA continues to roll-out regular updates to the Buyer app based on user feedback so it consistently evolves with the needs of customers, making it even easier to locate and bid on the vehicles. The app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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