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Audi is UK’s number one premium brand for servicing satisfaction

Audi is UK’s number one premium brand for servicing satisfaction

UK Audi Centre network scores most highly among the premium brands for satisfaction with the servicing and maintenance process

Audi has emerged as the highest ranking premium car brand in the UK for customer satisfaction with servicing and maintenance provision in its retailer and authorised repairer network, according to the 2019 JD Power Customer Service Index Study. Audi UK Service Development and Customer Quality Manager Harvey Robbins was presented with a trophy in recognition of this achievement at the JD Power Awards held yesterday at London’s Science Museum.

The study, now in its fifth year, measures customer satisfaction with the service experience at a franchised dealer facility for maintenance or repair work. A total of 6,759 drivers of vehicles of between one and three years of age provided feedback for the latest iteration, and were asked to grade their service facility against five key measures, from their experience at the point of initiation of the service booking through to the vehicle pick-up and then on to the quality of the service, the standard of the facilities and the performance of the service advisor.

Audi achieved a total score of 815 points, an improvement of 23 points over 2018 which was sufficient to propel it not only to the front of the premium brand pack, but also the entire automotive industry ranking.  

Over the past 12 months Audi UK has intensified its focus on delivering a premium service to customers across its network that is as individually tailored and flexible as possible. This increased emphasis, combined with a range of cost-effective and convenience-focused services, including fixed cost Price For The Job and enhanced service plan offerings, online service booking functionality and Audi Cam online servicing footage, has been a major contributing factor in the brand’s performance improvement.

The excellent result can also be attributed to the continual development by Audi UK of programmes such as staff certification and qualification paths, to ensure its network teams have the right skills, attitude and expertise to provide the best possible advice and service for customers.

Commenting on the strong result, Head of Service and Parts for Audi UK Stefan Wyatt said: “I am enormously proud of our performance in this study – it’s testament to the efficacy of the new operating practices and technological advances we have put in place as part of our new, more flexible Service Core Process programme, and to the professionalism and diligence of our network service teams who have supported and brought to life its various initiatives. My sincere thanks go not only to our customers who have taken the time to acknowledge our efforts in this study, but also to my many aftersales and service colleagues who continually work to further optimise the ‘Audi experience’ they receive.”

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