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Advanced drivers and riders must be ambassadors for safe vehicle use says IAM RoadSmart

Advanced drivers and riders must be ambassadors for safe vehicle use says IAM RoadSmart

As Advanced Riding gets back on the road nationwide from today (Monday 6 July) and Advanced Driving starts preparations to restart, IAM RoadSmart is calling on its members and trainers to be ambassadors for safe vehicle use.

As travel restrictions in Wales and Scotland are lifted and driving lessons begin again in England, the UK's largest independent road safety charity has issued detailed guidelines to ensure advanced driving and riding coaching and on-road training for business drivers is carried out with personal safety in mind at all times.  

New guidelines have been published to ensure the return to on-road tuition on bike and in cars happens as safely as possible. The advice for in-car training reflects Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) guidelines issued to driving instructors.

The IAM RoadSmart guidelines emphasise the importance of always maintaining a safe distance. The use of PPE – face coverings, gloves, hand gel and anti-bacterial wipes – is required at all times during in-car coaching. Drivers and riders are advised to carry a COVID-19 PPE kit with them at all times.

There is also a reminder to avoid areas where it may be difficult to maintain a safe social distance, such as popular venues and carparks.

With more people now returning to driving and riding as the lockdown restrictions start to ease nationwide, IAM RoadSmart offers a range of solutions for licence holders who may feel their skills have got a little rusty or just need an extra confidence boost before they take to the roads again.

Advanced driver and rider coaching can help reduce vehicle, fuel and insurance costs, improve road safety, boost confidence and reduce travel stress.

Richard Gladman, IAM RoadSmart's Head of Driver and Rider Standards said: "We are delighted to be getting back into cars and onto bikes to do what we do best – make better drivers and riders.

"Personal safety remains the number one priority. Our members and trainers are great ambassadors for IAM RoadSmart and road safety. We now urge them to extend that by showing how the return to car and bike training can be made as safe as possible by following our comprehensive guidelines.


"We understand that individual circumstances mean that for some, even with precautions in place, it may still be too early to return to advanced driving and riding. We respect the personal preferences of all our volunteer observers, examiners and associates and our business trainers and delegates who will only resume activities when they feel it is safe to do so.

"We continue to monitor announcements from Government and the devolved administrations carefully and update our guidelines accordingly.

Advanced driver courses remain suspended in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to maintain compliance with social distancing rules. This is being kept under regular review.

For those who would like a refresher as they return to the car or bike after an extended period off the road, driver and rider assessments are also available for members and non-members. Visit our courses page for more information.

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