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Addison Lee extends Aston Barclay contract as Euro 6 fleet returns to market 

Addison Lee extends Aston Barclay contract as Euro 6 fleet returns to market 

Addison Lee has extended its used vehicle remarketing contract with Aston Barclay for a further 12 months as it starts to defleet the first of its Euro 6 diesel, ultra-low emissions vehicles. 

The Euro 6 diesel, ultra-low emission Ford Galaxy vehicles form part of Addison Lee’s fleet of 5,000 vehicles, all of which comply with Transport for London’s (TfL) Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standard, which came into force on 8 April 2019. 

It is the first time the business has defleeted its Euro 6 fleet vehicles via Aston Barclay, presenting what the auction and remarketing specialist suggests as a ‘unique opportunity to benefit from the latest high-specification, low emission vehicles’. Euro 6 – an EU wide, reduced emissions standard – provides exemption from London’s congestion charge and ULEZ, which can cost up to £24 per day. 

The Euro 6 defleet move by Addison Lee follows an investment in 1,200 latest generation Volkswagen Sharan models – an investment valued at £41 million – earlier this year as part of the company’s journey towards a zero-emissions capable fleet by 2022. The Sharan sits alongside the Ford Galaxy and the Mercedes E and S Class as part of the Addison Lee Group Select Service fleet. 

‘It is fantastic to continue to build on our already highly successful partnership with Addison Lee across our group and particularly at Westbury where we are proud to have achieved 100% conversions for every single Addison Lee sale for the past two years’ explained Martin Potter, group managing director, Aston Barclay. ‘An interesting development to the relationship is the changing stock profile with Euro 6 now returning to market. 

‘These highly efficient, ultra-low emission vehicles present considerably higher cap hpi values than previous Addison Lee sales stock – something buyers can initially be sceptical of – but the benefits of Euro 6 powertrains are great. In combination with the high specification of the Addison Lee fleet in general, these vehicles represent great value for money especially for those operating in or around the capital.’ 

Richard Dagger, Addison Lee’s fleet director, commented, ‘Aston Barclay have been our remarketing partner since we first started to use auctions to dispose of our fleet. They have proven to be dynamic, forward thinking and dedicated to achieving leading results, across our ever changing and developing fleet as we strive to improve the quality of the air within the areas we operate. We look forward to our continued success and partnership.’ 

All Addison Lee vehicles operate start/stop technology, and feature climate control and privacy glass. When in service, all vehicles are also tracked and have full vehicle telematics to enable optimal journey planning, reduced mileage, fuel and emissions.

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