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26 Tory MPs Tell Chancellor to Keep Fuel Duty Frozen

26 Tory MPs Tell Chancellor to Keep Fuel Duty Frozen

Thousands of Fairfueluk Supporters email their mps too, asking them NOT to support any increase in Fuel Duty in the March Budget. They said: "It should not just remain frozen, it should be cut! With the current policy proving so successful, why abandon it."

These warning shots to the Chancellor have been organised by Robert Halfon MP and Howard Cox, of Fairfueluk

"Motorists are fiscally penalised enough, hitting them with a punitive Budget increase in duty will be politically and economically naïve. Truckers and van drivers are the very solution to get back to post pandemic sanity. By burdening them with even more costs, Rishi will risk economic recovery and those new red wall Tory voters will suffer far-reaching increases in shop prices and loss of jobs." Howard Cox, Founder of Fairfueluk

“Levelling up must mean cutting the cost of living for working people. At a time when those on lower incomes are struggling financially, a fuel duty increase would level down – far from building back better it would damage the foundations of economic recovery.” Robert Halfon MP

“Fuel duty rises are not supported by the public because they are bad for the economy, bad for business and bad for jobs. Motorists in the poorest 10% of the UK population already spend proportionately twice as much of their disposable income on fuel as wealthier groups so increasing fuel duty will have a disproportionate tax impact. The Chancellor must reject the green lobby’s calls and continue the successful and popular freeze on fuel duty.” Craig Mackinlay MP

Letter to Chancellor:

Fuel Duty Evidence at:

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